Monday, 27 February 2012


The power of words. Undermined.

We tend to forget the fact that when we speak what we say could either have a positive or negative effect on the other party. It all comes down to what we say.

I watched a film today and the main thing that stuck out to me was the fact that one guy turned around and hated the friends he had grown to love simply because of a few words said by his father. Underestimating the power behind the words that we CHOOSE to use when speaking to others has to be the one of the biggest mistakes that we can make.We are always faced with a choice and the things we say do not fall short of our ability to choose what we should or could say.

Words have the power to break someone and push them towards things they never even thought they were capable of. The movie, of course, has its exaggerated moments but the facts remain that the words “you’re an embarrassment...they are not your friends” possessed the power to create a murderer. It may just take one word to push someone over the edge.

Be careful of what we say.

Be mindful of what we say.

Be loving with what we say.


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