Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Freeing my mind to just run for miles and miles has so many benefits, it allows my mind to explore things that have probably remained shut for the longest period of time, for example a talent which has been suppressed by the biggest critic, myself, liberating my mind allows me to unlock mysteries within myself, allowing myself to find out who I am by simply thinking, I can determine who I have been, who I am going to be and who I am at the minute, I have the ability to assess myself and wisely pick out the things that need to change, I notice the small things that I would normally put off, for example my God given talent which has been dormant for days, months,  years, its finally unlocked, I find out that my mind is a chest of creativity, treasure that can never be stolen, priceless, I acknowledge that my creativity defies the contraventions of grammar, structure and formation, as I type, each comma represents a breath I take, my mind freely spills through my hands onto the keyboard, imprinting onto a visionary white sheet, my mind is free, free to express itself in anyway, either through poetry or articles, explaining my innermost feelings and liberating my views, my mind is truly liberated, free to think up masterpieces, free to think up metaphorical punch lines, I have the ability to think my entire future into reality, one day I will be a wife, mother and aunt, one day I say and mean three words that make me cringe, ‘I love you’, one day i'll become who my mind allows me to be, one day...

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