Saturday, 4 December 2010


God really has a funny sense of humour!
He actually makes me laugh
Just saying...


Times I look around and everyone seems hard faced
Forcing me to harden my face in confusion
Times I smile but some make their face even harder, probably thinking ‘is she ok?’
Yea I’m fine, just, according to you, a little insane
The thing is my sanity comes from the wisdom of the Most High
As the wisdom of the world is foolishness in the eyes of God
At times I walk and a laugh just bursts out
People stare and wonder where the nearest institution is
They think I’m insane
Well, yes I am, but not in the way you see it
I’m insane for the Big Man upstairs
I can look at trees and smile
I can look at a wall and whisper ‘thank you’
I can smile or even say hello at random
I can talk but with no one physically there to listen
All which you think makes me insane
So yes world I’m insane
I’m insane for God
When I see a tree and smile, it’s because no matter how big it gets it can never be as big as Him
When I look at my wall and whisper a ‘thank you’, I believe that my delivery to the King is sharpish
When I smile or even say hello to you at random, that’s just me trying to show the smallest fraction of God’s love
When I talk and you think there’s no one there, believe Someone is. Jehovah is.
So yes world, I do things out of your normalities
I don’t see the world as the be all and end all
I don’t hang my head low just to blend in with the majority
Neither do I agree that there is no God and that you just somehow came into existence
So in your eyes, I’m insane
However, these things do not qualify me for the institutions that you have to offer
The institution I need and dream to get to is Heaven
So world please don’t try to stop me or what you call my insanity
It’s part of what I need to qualify me for my dream institution