Saturday, 4 December 2010


God really has a funny sense of humour!
He actually makes me laugh
Just saying...


Times I look around and everyone seems hard faced
Forcing me to harden my face in confusion
Times I smile but some make their face even harder, probably thinking ‘is she ok?’
Yea I’m fine, just, according to you, a little insane
The thing is my sanity comes from the wisdom of the Most High
As the wisdom of the world is foolishness in the eyes of God
At times I walk and a laugh just bursts out
People stare and wonder where the nearest institution is
They think I’m insane
Well, yes I am, but not in the way you see it
I’m insane for the Big Man upstairs
I can look at trees and smile
I can look at a wall and whisper ‘thank you’
I can smile or even say hello at random
I can talk but with no one physically there to listen
All which you think makes me insane
So yes world I’m insane
I’m insane for God
When I see a tree and smile, it’s because no matter how big it gets it can never be as big as Him
When I look at my wall and whisper a ‘thank you’, I believe that my delivery to the King is sharpish
When I smile or even say hello to you at random, that’s just me trying to show the smallest fraction of God’s love
When I talk and you think there’s no one there, believe Someone is. Jehovah is.
So yes world, I do things out of your normalities
I don’t see the world as the be all and end all
I don’t hang my head low just to blend in with the majority
Neither do I agree that there is no God and that you just somehow came into existence
So in your eyes, I’m insane
However, these things do not qualify me for the institutions that you have to offer
The institution I need and dream to get to is Heaven
So world please don’t try to stop me or what you call my insanity
It’s part of what I need to qualify me for my dream institution

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

My pen...

My pen defines me as the ink rolls past the ball and onto the paper
As my pen hits the paper working through the next piece
My emotions are released and my tensions are relieved
My pen defines me because it peeps behind the veil that my flesh holds up and writes from the heart
The roller ball rolls and rolls and rolls deeper and deeper till it hits a nerve
Forcing out the very deeper side of me
My pen defines me in ways no man could
It opens me up and pours out the real me charismatically complimenting the paper that receives me
My pen defines me and my God flowing with the ink of anointing
Forming the best possible sentences to give a glimpse of the Most High
My pen defines me because with each word it writes it unfolds a different side of me... 


Look at your hands. Is there anywhere your right hand goes where your left does not follow? Is there a time where your right hand will try to lift something beyond its capacity where the left hand will not come in handy? At times its like your left hand is not there but it is, especially when you need it most. Just like God. He's the left hand and we stand as our right hand, handling things, carrying things but we tend to forget that the left hand is also there to help. There are times when we feel by ourselves even though we are surrounded by many. However, God is there like your left hand is. He's there to help, there to carry those things that are too heavy to carry alone and simply just to be your companion. He may not be here physically but He is always always always there when you need Him. Sometimes we just need to use our left hand (the helping hand) a little more rather than leaving it there dormant whilst our right hand is trying to do everything for itself. We need to acknowledge God just a little bit more and then we will find that He never left us but in effect we left Him out...


In this life that we live, we are bound to make mistakes and sometimes some mistakes are bigger to us than others. However, to God, sin is sin and there is no level of ranking (Romans 3:21-26). The one thing to remember is that you can always go back to God...the biggest mistake you can make is becoming subject to the mistake you made. Allowing yourself to become a victim to guilt is the worst thing because God is there with open arms waiting for you to just get back up, learn from it and keep it moving. Donnie McClurkin’s song, ‘We Fall Down’ comprises this saying that ‘a saint is just a sinner who fell down but got up’. Whatever you have done does not make you less of a Christian; neither does it put you below the rest, it simply means that you fell and you need to get up with a repenting heart. Nothing more, nothing less. Satan wants you to believe that the world must stop and you have no place, neither any right to even call on the name of Jesus BUT in Proverbs 24:16 it says ‘for a righteous man may fall seven times and rise again’. Isaiah 44:22 clearly states ‘I have blotted out, like a thick cloud, your transgressions, and like a cloud, your sins. Return to Me, for I have redeemed you’. Even Jesus specifically says in Matthew 12:31 ‘every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven’, so who, based on the Scriptures, can ever tell you that you cannot come back to God? Answer, no one. Numbers 23:19 says that ‘God is not a man, the He should lie, nor a son of man that He should repent. Has he said, and will He not do? Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good?’ and Isaiah 55:11 says ‘So shall my word be that goes forth from My mouth; it shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish what I please, and it shall prosper in the thing that I have sent it’. This basically showing us that God is not a liar and when He says something, so shall it be. So when you make a mistake just remember that God IS waiting there for you to redeem you and put you back in line with Him as long as you repent. Never, ever, let ANYBODY neither yourself tell you otherwise...


Lord, give me the heart of forgiveness
Crush my heart of stone
And mould me a heart of flesh that beats with forgiveness
Restore in me the ability to forgive man for their wrongdoing
Enable me to forget the deepest and most painful acts done against me
Give me the heart of forgiveness
Not partially, but fully
So my heart can beat for longer with forgiveness circulating my entire body

Just wait...

Imagine this... 

What criteria do you have for your perfect guy? 

"Well i want a guy who has a relationship with God, a man who can bring me closer to God rather than steer me away from Him, a man who can hold his own and has aspirations to be the best man he can be in the sight of God" 

Time passes...pressure of society place a desparation for ANYBODY to fill the role. You even start to believe that the criteria you have is virtually impossible. That there is no guy walking the earth that fill that role. 


Then you hear a Word stating that YOU ARE FORMED FOR MARRIAGE, and because of that inevitably if you depend on God, you WILL get married. 

So whether male or female, trust in God, the woman/man is out there, just wait and enjoy being single...whilst you're single you have the opportiunity to allow God to perfect you and teach you how to be the best wife/husband you can be...

Just wait... 

Inspired by the Word of God spoken through his vessel Bishop Onimisi, Salem Church

Road markings...

Every road has markings telling drivers what they can and cannot do. Each road has these markings but do not force drivers to follow them, drivers can disobey these markings at their own risk. 

Drivers carry a responsibility. When they drive, they must take others into consideration. Drivers set an example for those driving behind them. When the driver stops every other car behind them stops and so on and so forth. 

With each person God has put markings, like those on the road, in place to push evryone in the right direction. Nobody is forced to do this. They can disobey at their own peril. 

When we enter the faith we have to take others into consideration. People watch you and we stand as an example to others. Whatever we do others will follow. This applies to every believer not just ministers - simply people claiming that they believe. 

Untitled love letter...

Dear Loved One,
Do you even care about me? Do you even acknowledge my presence? Just spend a little more time with me. Maybe one more minute a day, just give me more time. Give me the chance to show you how much I love you.


Dear Lover,
Its another minute, another hour, another day. How are you at this precise minute? I got your previous memo stating that you felt I didn’t care about you. Funny. You felt that I didn’t spend enough time with you. Like come on, how many hours of my precious day do you want from me? It’s a bit selfish don’t you think.
Anyway, you go on as if I don’t sit down and think about you sometimes. Or I don’t look around and just see you in all I see. Its not like I don’t even call you sometimes. Like, oh my gosh, I think about you, see you and hear you – the only thing is that its sometimes. But! I still love you. What more do you want from me? I do love you – sometimes.

Loved One

Dear Loved One,
Is that enough? Does your lifestyle appreciate me? Does it respect my name and all that I stand for? I don’t want you to go so far that I become a nobody to you.


Dear Jesus,
There are times where you don’t do what I want you to do. Like, sometimes I need space, you know, time to breathe. Yes, you’re the head but sometimes I just want to go my own way and learn from my own mistakes. Sometimes don’t you feel you’re just a bit overprotective? You know, a little possessive? Ok, yes I know you love me. Ok. Ok. Ok. I accept that you love me abundantly.
Sometimes I just want to enjoy my life you know, I’m young and I’m only young once and no, of course I don’t want to lose you. This is what I’m saying you just don’t get it. Were you never young? Did you never understand what it’s like to face social pressures and temptation? Of course you did. Yes you still love me even when I offend you. Yes you love me when I decide to not talk to you and yes you still love me when I come crawling back.
You feel I don’t appreciate you? What else do you want me to do?

Loved One

Dear Loved One,
Find someone who is not overprotective, someone who cares less for you, someone who doesn’t mind hurting you because they know you will always be there. Someone who just wants to enjoy life and love them, love them unconditionally. Even amongst all their ingratitude, love them. Even if they undermine or offend you, love them.


Dear Jesus,
I should go and find someone, who is not possessive, who is not overprotective, who cares less for me, who just wants to live life and love them? Love them unconditionally? That’s impossible. They would annoy me. They would make me hate them. My efforts would be in vain. What would be the point? It would all go unappreciated. That’s just a total waste of my time. I think I’m going to have to pass on that one.

Loved One

Dear Loved One,
Exactly, each time you walk away from me you put me back on the cross but yet I still love YOU! I will never give you a pass. I will always have time for you. I will make life enjoyable for you, even beyond your own expectations. I will be all you need. I will be the lover of your soul. I will be your comforter. I will be that one that will love you like no other. All I need is one thing – your love. After that everything else falls into place. Don’t see me as such a chore, see more as the friend that you never had. I love you beyond mans measure and the day you realise that is the day that life will get better.


Dear Jesus,

Loved One

Dear Loved One,
Just give me your hand. I’ll do the rest.


Dear Jesus,
Not only will I give you my hand, I will give you my heart, mind and soul. Teach me how to love the way you do. Teach me how to be more like you, where I can love others as you have loved me.


Loved One

Dear Loved One,
Welcome home.



Speak to my heart, touch my soul and kiss my thoughts 
Reassure me that everything is going to be ok 
Remember you promises, the one You made in You Word 
Whisper in my ear, speak to me, comfort me 
The stress is trying to take over 
Fear s speaking profane words in my ear 
They speak so loud, it’s crystal clear 
They try to sway me, my mind questions but fails to rebuke 
My heart closes and refuses to open to even try and hear you 
My ears have become deaf because I have soaked in lies and deceit 
Just like a sponge 

Speak to my heart Lord, open my ears and mend my broken heart 
Mans words are fallible, as they say, maybe I’ve made them infallible 
Believing all they say, worst of all accepting all they say 
At least, it’s a matter of fact that your behaviour determines who you are 
Failure is a characteristic of which I don’t want to possess but the exams of life feel as though they have been built against me 
They come with full vengeance, seeking my downfall 
Doubt and fail both come hand in hand 
Rebuke them! Rebuke them! Rebuke them! 
Are my rebukes just not strong enough? They always seem to come harder 
Maybe I’m just not strong enough 

Speak to my heart Father, wipe away my tears and fix this life that I’m living 
Stand up and vindicate me in the midst of those who lie about me 
Teach me how to love those who hate me 
Love me in a way no man can or maybe I’m not worthy 
Maybe I should just accept my fate and just hope for better 
Or maybe I should just trust You 
Stand tall in the midst of my trouble and believe in You wholeheartedly 
That way id be able to hear your sweet, solemn voice 
That way failure, doubt and all that comes with darkness will flee from me 
That way I’ll live a life acceptable unto You and receive the reward of heaven 
My tongue shall sing praises, my eyes will see greatness and my ears will hear Your voice 
Your words will be embedded in my heart 
My tears will turn from those of sorrow to those of joy 

Speak to my heart Lord, speak to my soul and speak ever so sweetly in my ears... 

There's always room for improvement...

There's always room for improvement... 
You can always go one step further... 
You can always try harder... 
You can push yourself a bit more... 
You can work just a little harder... 
You can still get one step closer... 
You can just move a little faster... 
There's always room for improvement! 

We will never reach perfection until we get Home and abide with the Father 
Let's remember that because we tend to forget


As each minute, hour, day, week passes we learn something new. Things which come together and form skills we need in this game we call life. The more we learn the more we are exposed to God's greatness. That which surpasses all understanding. Confusing? Yes! How can we learn more about God but have no understanding? Well, I guess that's the whole point of life, its all one big lesson that takes us to a greater place where all unanswered questions are finally answered. 

The main catch here is that big word, that word that scares everyone, faith. Such a complicated term yet so simple. 

Faith = Belief in something we cannot physically see. 

As Christians we hear all sorts of things in relation to faith, some say faith can move mountains, while others say that faith is something that requires too much from mankind. Interestingly, you can understand why some may say the latter. As humans of today, in the society that we live in evidence is paramount, without it your claim is useless. So living in today's age how can we build our faith? Typical answers are read your Bible, pray more, be nice to others and so forth. Easier said than done, but can be done. What else can we do? Another idea is to take charge of your friends. Gather them up together and start a Bible study group and then you’d feel obliged to read the Bible and grow in faith. Easier done than said! I guess I’ve just written up my checklist…. 

What do you love?...

Fella’s, imagine that banging PlayStation game 
That game which excites you so much that you’d sacrifice anything else just to play. 
Or, for those that are not really into computer games, 
Imagine that car that shines under the sun, glistens whilst raining 
The car that gives you that attention and acknowledgement from other fella’s, and most importantly, the fine, fine, fine ladies. 

Moving on to the ladies, imagine those shoes 
You know, those shoes that hit the floor with style as it swiftly click-clock’s for the nearest eyes appreciation. 
Or, maybe you're not really into shoes, how about that dress that fits so well 
Even if none of the above really appeals to you, male or female, think about that one item that you LOVE! 

Got it? Good! Now give it to me 
Yea, give it to me 
Me, the one you don’t know 
Me, the one you have never acknowledged 
Me, that one who may not actually deserve that one item 

I’m sure I can eventually learn to play the game 
I'm sure I can fit into your dress and the shoes and drive your banging car 
No? Can't give it up? 
Why? You just love it too too much! 

Now imagine someone else doing that for you 
Someone giving up the one thing that they love the most jus to obtain your love 
God did it 
God loved you so much that he gave his only begotten son so that those who believe shall not perish but have eternal life 
The only difference is that God knows you more than you know yourself 
He acknowledges you more than anyone in flesh can 
Mostly, He deserves that love more than you game, car, shoes or dress. 

You’re most probably thinking, 'tell me something I don’t know’ 
Ok, you know it but have you understood the act itself 
Look into it and read between the lines 
He loved you enough to sacrifice His own Son 
So maybe it’s about time we sacrificed our love for irrelevant things and give it back to God in appreciation of His gift to us. 

One day the game is going to get boring 
The car will break down 
The shoes will get worn down 
The dress will be out of fashion 
Then what? 

Tell you something you don't know? 
God loves you 
Understand that and then do something about it 
He never gets boring, he never breaks down, never gets worn down and is ALWAYS in fashion. 
Give Him a try and see for yourself that Christ coming to earth was not in vain 
At all! 


I come NOT to entertain but to remind us all of the things we tend to forget all in the name of pleasure...x


Imagine being so far away from Jesus that the World just keeps getting closer
So far that Jesus becomes a blur
So much so that anyone and everyone wants to become acquainted with you
So far that everything and anything becomes a way of life
No more Jesus, no more Biblical standards
Just your morals which are subject to change as the World keeps moving faster and faster

When will we ever learn!