Tuesday, 7 February 2012

What Type of Woman Are You?

When a dear friend threw this question at me, I stared blankly into her eyes expecting a second question that could possibly make sense of this one. I was unsure of what angle to take the question. For a brief moment I was totally lost, I could not seem to conjure up the words to do myself the justice of explaining what type of woman I was. I got home and pondered on that moment because it left a scar in my memory, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Randomly, I decided to think up the positives about myself and weighed them out with the negatives. I racked my brain until I gave myself a headache.

What am I getting at? If you were to be posed with such a question how would you answer it? At first, it seems as if the question is not one that requires a huge amount of thinking, quite the contrary. This question demands a lot of thinking! The answer must and will sum up the kind of woman you are to a person who is either simply interested or a potential suitor.

How do you answer or find the answer? Question. For me to finally get an answer to this question, I spent an evening and a morning thinking about it (for others it will not take that long – I just wanted to be 100% sure). Defining ‘me’ was not a chance to blow some words into the air but an opportunity to search deep within myself to find a simple sentence to fully envelop what type of woman I was. I wanted the answer to actually relate to who I was, I wanted to answer confidently and I wanted my answer to be so true that the evidence was in my characteristics. 

I had to be honest with myself and search deep within myself. This included looking at the things I hated about myself, some of which had gone unnoticed for such a long time until this question was pushed to the forefront of my mind.  The worst thing to do is lie to yourself, as my dear mother always says, ‘you are deceiving no one else but yourself’. Your answer should make you smile, you answer should bring you joy when your down and your answer should be something that pushes you to press on in tough situations.
Such a question is an opportunity as opposed to being a trick question. It’s a chance to compliment yourself with the positives of your character and face the challenges of the negative aspects of who you are. Rushing is not a prerequisite to the question of who you are as a woman because the answer you effortlessly utter out of your mouth should hit the ears of your receiver and truly paint a picture of who you are. I finally came up with what I considered a justifying answer; I am a woman of principle. Clearly, now, my question to you is what type of woman are you?

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